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Graham (Ranger Form)


Buster Red


Graham (Buddy Armor Mode)

Graham Ulry is a eighteen year old orphan living in Starview Heights. He lives with his Aunt Tammy and Uncle Scott, and is Buster Red of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters.


Ten years before the start of the series, Graham lived with his mother in Water's Edge, Ohio. The two of them came to Starview Heights, Georgia on vacation in order to visit his mother's sister Tammy, who lived there with her husband Scott and their three children Elayna, Torrie, and Seth. On the last day of their vacation, Graham asked to go to the park, where he met Colin and Colleen. This was the same day that Messiah went rampant, building a robot army to conquer the world and renaming itself Psycho. His mother was killed in the ensuing attack, and he was shot with an energy blast. Instead of dying, however, he developed Metahuman powers-namely, the gift of superspeed.

Because of this gift, he was chosen to lead the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters by Captain Shields, who wanted to prepare for Psycho's return. However, his Aunt refused, demanding that the GPU perform a memory alteration procedure on the boy in order to erase his memory of the GPU and his powers.

Following this, he lived a fairly normal life, moving in with his Aunt and Uncle and attending public school in Starview Heights. For a couple of years he was the victim of constant bullying, but he soon began to ignore his tormenters and they eased off of him over time.

His life continued down the same unremarkable path until one day in his Senior Year of high school, where Colin and Colleen started attended SHHS as its newest students. They quickly befriended Graham, who they reminded of their prior connection without revealing the secret of the memory wipe that was performed on him. They were soon forced to share it, however, when the Vaglass returned and launched an attack on the city, forcing Captain Shields to recruit Graham as the Red Ranger.

Now, Graham fights as Buster Red, the courageous leader of the Spy-Busters. With the help of his two friends, along with his Buddy-Roid Cheetah Nick, he is now determined to defeat Psycho and avenge his mother once and for all.


Graham has always been a rather shy child, leading to him being picked on when he first moved to Starview Heights. He soon got over his bashfulness, however, and while he's still a bit of an introvert, he has a small circle of friends that he hangs out with at school from time to time.

Unlike most people, he holds himself to a higher moral standard; this is due to him being born and raised as an Apostolic-Pentecostal, a person that believes in Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost, through evidence of speaking in other tongues. He attends church every week, he regularly goes to different rallies and events with his youth group, and he reads the Bible and tries his best to follow its teachings.

Graham is a boy of numerous hobbies-he loves videogames, reading and writing, and wrestling; however, his greatest interest is that of anime and manga. He identifies as an Otaku (a person obsessed with anime and manga) and he watches/reads all kinds of works from Japan.



Morphin' Brace

Morphin' Brace-Graham's morpher. It allows him to transform into Buster Red.

Buddy Visor

Buddy Visor (Top: Detached/Middle: Attached, Top View/Bottom: Attached, Front View, Active)

Buddy Visor-A device used by Graham to access Buddy Armor Mode. It attaches to the front of his Morphin' Brace and allows him to fuse with his Buddy-Roid, Cheetah Nick, upgrading his suit's armor while also amplifying his superspeed to the point where he can teleport.


Spy-Blaster (Top: Camera Mode/Bottom: Blaster Mode)

Spy-Blaster-Graham's primary gun weapon. It resembles a laser-pistol, and can be disguised as a camera.

Sougan blade

Spy-Saber (Top: Binocular Mode/Bottom: Saber Mode)

Spy-Saber-Graham's primary sword weapon. It resembles a shortsword, and can be disguised as a pair of binoculars.


Superspeed-As a Metahuman, Graham possesses the unique ability of Superspeed. Using the Enertron coursing through his veins, he can run faster than any creature on the face of the planet. However, he has a Weakpoint-Fear. He can run as fast as he wants for however long he desires, but the second he sees something that scares him in any way, he'll immediately come to a halt and won't be able to regain his momentum for some time.

Teleportation-While in Buddy Armor Mode, Graham's superspeed is amplified, allowing him to teleport around the battlefield at will.

Volcanick Attack-Graham's finishing attack while in Buddy Armor Mode. Pressing a button on his Buddy Visor, he takes a stance before running at his opponent, building up so much momentum that he temporarily disappears and is represented by a hologram of a cheetah, which runs directly through his target. Graham then reappears and slides to a halt on the other side, just as his target explodes.


-He is the first Apostolic-Pentecostal Ranger, as well as the first openly religious one.

-He has a minor addiction to Mt. Dew; he can seen drinking his favorite flavor Pitch Black during the lunch scene of Episode 1, and he grabs an original Mt. Dew out of his fridge during a scene in Episode 3. He can be seen drinking it in numerous other episodes of the series.

-He likes Sour Patch Kids, a brand of sour candies. This is first mentioned in Episode 4, when he teases Colleen about eating an entire bag of them after he offered to share them with her.

-He has a crush on Colleen; this is evidenced by his occasional flirting with her and his constant habit of protecting her in battle. It is later confirmed in Episode 5, when his youth group begins teasing him about her.

-In the aftermath of "A Red and Yellow Melody", his feelings towards his yellow counterpart have moved far past a mere crush; he flat out admits to himself that he is in love with her in the final scene of the episode.

-He and Colin share a running gag; whenever Colin swears in front of him, Graham will tell him to watch his language. Colin will occasionally poke fun at this.

-This gag later extends to other members as the team grows in number. The Gold Ranger, Nate, swears so often that Graham even puts a poster on the side of the Megazord cockpit enforcing a "No Swearing In the Megazord" rule.

-He suffers from occasional self-esteem issues. However, whenever he morphs, he seems to gain a wave of self-confidence that helps propel him through his battles. As of now, no explanation has been given.

-Sentai Counterpart: Hiromu Sakurada [1]