Tanner (Civilian Form)

Green Hippopotamus-pose

Tanner (Ranger Form)


Buster Green

William "Tanner" Pittman is a fourteen year old boy living in Starview Heights. He is Graham's younger half-brother; he lives with his dad and he is Buster Green of the Power Rangers: Spy-Busters.


Tanner is the younger half-brother of Graham; they share the same mother, but have different fathers. Not much is known about Tanner's life before Psycho went rampant, other than the fact that his father Gary had recently divorced Melissa and the court had awarded both parents alternating-custody of Tanner. As such, he was not present in Starview Heights when his mother died.

Ten years later, Tanner moved to Starview Heights with his father, who recently got a job transfer that forced them to relocate. While visiting Graham and his family, the boy was accidentally hit by a car, putting him into critical condition. His life was saved by Graham, who selflessly donated some of his blood in order to make a blood transfusion possible; however due to the Enertron flowing in Graham's veins, Tanner developed Metahuman powers as a side effect.

Due to his newfound ability of Superspeed, Tanner was chosen by Captain Shields to become Buster Green, the sixth ranger of the Spy-Busters. At first Graham was completely against the idea, fearing that Tanner would get hurt. As a result, he initially forbade him from becoming a Ranger; however, when a tough Metaloid nearly killed Graham and the others during battle, Tanner morphed into Buster Green anyway in order to save them. From that moment forward, Graham accepted his younger brother as a member of the team.

Now, Tanner fights as Buster Green, alongside his brother and their newfound friends.


Unlike his brother, Tanner has always been very outgoing-he gets along with others rather easily, and has no trouble making new friends.

He is Apostolic-Pentecostal just like Graham, but he is not as religious as his older brother.

In his free time, Tanner likes to play sports like football and basketball. He also enjoys playing and listening to the drums, which are his favorite instrument.

Like Shawn, he can be a little too energetic at times. However, funnily enough, Tanner is overall more mature than Shawn, despite being younger than him.


Morphin Brace V2

Morphin' Brace V2

Morphin' Brace V2-Tanner's morpher. It is an upgraded version of the Morphin' Brace used by Graham, Colin, and Colleen, and allows Tanner to morph into Buster Green.

Spy-Blaster V2-Tanner's primary gun weapon. It is an upgraded version of the Spy-Blaster, and it fires in three-shot bursts as opposed to semi-auto.

Spy-Saber V2-Tanner's primary sword weapon. It is an upgraded version of the Spy-Blaster, and has the ability to electrocute his enemies.


Superspeed-Tanner's Metahuman ability, which he inherited from Graham via a blood-transfusion. Using the Enertron that now flows in his veins, he can run faster than any creature on the planet. As of right now, his Weakpoint is unknown, but it can be assumed that he shares the same Weakpoint as Graham since he inherited his superspeed from his older brother.


-He is the second child ranger in Power Rangers, and the first child sixth ranger.

-He is the first sixth ranger to be directly related to the Red Ranger of his season. (In this case, Tanner is Graham's younger half-brother.)

-He is the only member of his team to have a Buddy-Roid that doesn't match his animal motif. Graham, Colin, and Colleen all three have Buddy-Roids, but they each match their distinctive animal-Graham's is cheetah-themed, Colin's is modelled after a gorilla, and Colleen's is rabbit-esque. Tanner, on the other hand, has a Buddy-Roid themed after a frog, while his Ranger suit and Zord are themed after a hippopotamus.

-Sentai Counterpart: Atsushi Domyoji [1]